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Hello Readers…What im about to tell you is no Aprils fools joke. As you know my colleague previously tricked you all into believing that “BIG RED” Ash Wells was called up to go overseas with the Stormers. However it came to my attention at training yesterday that our mate, father and Wes Chettys best friend Ash Wells has been called forward to train with the Vodacom Western Province team.

Now we dont want to be a Julius Malema and jump to any conclusions but in terms of UCT rugby its a great honour for our team mate to be decorated with a call up no matter what the out come is! Ash who has been a “Old Boy” of the club if you will, has been capped over 50 times for the UCT first team at the tender age of 24 and is known for his scrumming strength and ability. What he is more known for however is the skill that he has! The only loosehead i know that can pass 30 metres to his bad side and can drop kick from the ten metre using either foot, often to the disgust of the coaching staff.
Ash, as you know is a veteran of the Varsity Cup having drilled many a tighthead into the turf of their home ground. A natural in his ability to read a game and find himself in the right place at the right time, a prop who’s strong on defence and communicates with such volume, woman around the world using the telephone, would be envious. Ash is one of those players that no matter how buggered you are on the field, he will let you know whether or not you in position or you slacking, trying to heal your cotton mouth looking for water in one of the divets on the green mile.
Ash on behalf of UCT and the players we would like to congratulate you, You a team man and although this small article may sound like im trying to hook up with you, i mean it when i say, you deserve it! Goodluck and we back you no matter what the outcome of your new adventure is! A UUUUUUUUUUU!

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