Off the Mark – A draw, where’s my sister? Part1

off the mark

Hide your sisters, as “Off the Mark” returns with another sensational collumn!

As most of you know by now the Ikey Tigers kicked off their Varsity Cup 2010 campaign against the Shimlas in the windy city of Port Elizabeth this past Monday. In what can be described only as Incest we drew 30 points all.

With us only planning on conceding 1 penalty during the whole first half we soon found ourselves in the boot giving away two penalties within the first 3 minutes, this allowed Shimlas to sneak into a 6-0 lead.

After the first half we new we had the wind with us in and would require a serious territorial game. Matt Rosslee stepped up in that department and a blistering attack with ruthless waves saw Marcel Brache score next to the poles, With Roses (Matt Rosslee) adding the 2 points. I stand to be corrected but this is the same movement where a man called “Varkie” lined me up and addressed me when I ran a short ball! This was followed by a counter attack from Marcello Sampson that I can only describe as “athletic”.

Selo is a man of many talents, as he would be, having attended the prestigious Wynberg Boys high school. “Selo” had a game that earned him Man of the Match. He not only scored a try but helped Sean Van Tonder score one also. He is so sharing! Marcello Sampson deserves mention in my books too, a gifted athlete who knows when the mood needs to be light, but a fierce serious competitor at training and in the Matches. A true UCT decent man who plays out of his skin and whether you are a veteran like himself of the first team or you struggling with puberty like Paul Cohen! ! Be sure that Cello always has a good word and has some deep meaningful philosophy to share with you after a beer or two!

On arrival in PE we soon settled into our rooms and headed to training followed by multiple technical sessions. A certain person who also deserves special mention is UCT’s personal shrink, relaxation coach and “Kop” doctor Simon Whitesman. There was not one moment during the game where UCT ever felt as if things were slipping away. It’s testament to the work he has done with the team! Dr Whiteman’s sessions are of the 21st century, gone are the days where you head butt your teammate, punch the wall, rub deepheat on your scrotum and charge onto the field like you have 13 double Klipdrifts and cokes in your belly.

These days it’s all about being clinical and effective when you need to be. Another mention must go out to a product of probably the finest boys school in the whole entire world, Wynberg Boys High was the famous Rob Louw who handed out the jerseys to the grateful players and gave us an inspirational chat! What a man that individual is hey, an oke who beats cancer, fly’s to PE, hands out the jerseys and then hits beach to go surfing. Amongst all this he managed to become one of the finest Springboks ever. A true legend!

Special mention TOO must go out to Peter Haw (Hawski, Hawbag). Unfortunately this week for reasons relating to the wind and conditions Hawski missed out on making the match 23 for the game. In only the way a team man like Pete could handle it he went about doing what he needed to do for the team. Not bitter at all, Pete was amazing! It would have been easy for this veteran of 3 years and 2 varsity cups with close to 50 caps to be upset or bitter, but for those of you who know Hawski this was out of the question.

Pete Haw this week won the team award
which we at UCT hold in very very high regard and that is the “Varsity Man” award. It’s an award to the player who shows the most team “gees” and conducts himself in a way that represents and spurs on his fellow team mates, who sets and example for those of us to follow and is just a general UCT man and that’s what it’s all about! So from my large frame to Peter, congratulations! You are a boytjie.

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Quote of the week: “I’m very proud to consider myself a soutie now!” Work horse lock forward LEVI ODENDAAL.

This weeks Trivia question – HOW MANY GINGERS ARE THERE IN THE UCT FIRST 15?

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