The FNB Ikey Tigers begin their 2016 Varsity Cup campaign on the 8th of February by hosting the defending champions UFS Shimlas. However, coach Shimange remains cool as he looks towards the opening game. “It’s a new season. New players have come in and it’s a fresh start for everyone. They are a good team, but we just have to focus on ourselves and our own game.”

“It’s our first game, and obviously you want to win every game. But if you cant, you always try win the next one,” he added about the home game against Shimlas.

“It’s not just about what I bring, there are many people involved here. There are a lot of people who have been working hard, in and out of the spotlight,” he said ahead of the new season.

“As long as my players have fun and enjoy themselves- that’s all I want,” The new head coach also had a special message for the fans concerning the new season: “It’s great being able to play at home and have everyone come out and support us. Like I said, there are many people working hard, and we love playing at home, so do come and show your support for the boys.”

The students will take on DHL Stormers in a Training session on Thursday morning. 

The FNB Ikey Tigers host FNB Shimlas at the Green Mile on Monday the 8th of February at 19:00 (TV) – Tickets are available at