New Ikey Tigers – Grant Kemp

Kempie (Tighthead) getting down to business caught up with front row magician Grant Kemp between a couple of hits on the scrum machine. Kempie was capped for the first team late last season and is now one of the new kids in the Ikey Tigers Varsity Cup squad. Howsit Kempie – thanks for chatting to us, we know your scrum coach Paul Day doesn’t like it when you leave the gym.

Grant Kemp: Of course not! Why would any front rower ever want to leave the gym! We incapable of running so why not get massively large!
How are you enjoying the Tigers vibe so far?

GK: It’s no secret that the Ikey vibe is the envy of most rugby clubs, with False Bay the captain of the jealous! Camp TIGER to Riebeek West really showed that the vibe is good and the team is close. I’ve been involved with the club through the u/20’s for 2 years and the vibe amongst all the Ikeys is always great. What was it like playing the Stormers and what was your best moment of the game, personally?

GK: The Stormers game is one I won’t forget in a long time! Normally a warm up game is watched by your girlfriend and your intoxicated best mate; however the Stormers game was supported by almost everyone in Riebeek West, it felt like a proper fixture! My best moment was my hit on the number 7 in the midfield (laughs) it was massive! You certainly gave him a nice welcome to the game. What do you look to add to the team as a person and as a player?

GK:  As a player my main responsibility is lifting, scrumming, rucking and now and then crash balling if you will. As a person I try to keep the mood light and the okes smiling. As you mentioned briefly, you are quite experienced as far as matches in the Blue and White go, give us your Varsity rugby history.

GK: I arrived at UCT not really knowing what to expect, Dobbo (John Dobson) was then the coach of the u20’s. Let’s just say coming from high school I had never trained like that before. Fallon and Tiaan (the fitness coaches) ran us until we were super fit and then there was still Simon, the crazy navy man who made us run around Fish Hoek beach with logs and around bishops with the rugby poles. We went unbeaten the whole year even against the Institute. Tragically Monty Taljaard our captain from that year passed away. 2008 I played u20 again and although we weren’t as successful as in 2007, what a great year of rugby that was for me. 2009 saw me play my fist year of open rugby for the 2nd XV Eagles, the guts and the way we fought was amazing, we still had a look in for the league trophy 2 games from the end of the season. Now I’m training for the 2010 varsity cup. Great stuff, so you have earned your stripes as well as your wings! We don’t just play rugga at varsity, what do you / did you study at UCT?

GK: I’m doing a bachelor of social science in film and writing and I’m going into my final year. I’m planning on being the next Derek Watts! I also have this great idea to be a journalist and work for Dobbo, some of the blokes cant make rugby training due to work commitments, however if I just work for the coach then there shouldn’t be a problem. Okay, future Derek. Any message to the Blue and White faithful who will be watching once the VC kicks off?

GK: Cheer loud!!! We want to see the blue and white splashed all over the green mile, and enjoy the rugby that the Tigers are known for, and if you run in into a Maties student, be nice,  and have a chat (slowly)! Enjoy your cane and cokes! verdict: “Give him the ball”

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