Nadoes and Cobras Shine on the Mile

The Steinhoff Nadoes blow away Ikhaya last night while Steinhoff Cobra played a conservative match holding back for round two.

Steinhoff Nadoes dominated from start to finish on a windy and cold evening on the mile as they stamped there authority, stating why they are 2010 Champs. Last week we saw Steinhoff Panther putting 62 points past Steinhoff Ikhaya, guess the Nadoes proved they could go one better and put 69 point past the same opponents.  They could do nothing wrong on the evening as they score tries at will and it looked like a training match as every set piece basically ended in a try. Does Steinhoff Nadoes look like contending for the league this year? Well that I leave to you to decide.
Steinhoff Cobras and Steinhoff Wild Boys already qualifying for top honours had only pride to play for and who will be topping their group. It was obvious from the Cobras game plan that they where going to dominate up front and make sure Wild Boys don’t score any points. The Steinhoff Cobras where all over the Wild Boys, not really giving them room to work their moves. Steinhoff Cobras had to work for their tries but there wasn’t much resistance from their opponents.
Steinhoff Spanners shocked Ubumbo with 13 – 10 win, both teams scoring once. Steinhoff Ubumbo however made to many mistakes on the evening handing the Spanners two penalties that sealed the win for them. Spanners seem to be improving as this league continues. At the end both teams qualified for the next round with Spanners topping their group.
Steinhoff Turtles and Steinhoff Kopano also had good wins, but for both teams it was too little too late.
These are the results as they happened:
Steinhoff Lions
10 – 00
Steinhoff Smuts
Steinhoff Cobras
24 - 00
Steinhoff Wild Boys
Steinhoff Catz
00 - 15
Steinhoff Turtles
Steinhoff Ubumbo
10 – 13
Steinhoff Spanners
Steinhoff Kopano
19 - 08
Steinhoff College H.
Steinhoff  Tornadoes
69 - 00
Steinhoff Ikhaya
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