Mr Ikey Tiger paints facebook blue and white!

Monday night promises to be an absolute cracker and there is no way that any Ikey supporter will miss the clash of the arch rivals, when UCT take on Maties at 16.45 on the Green Mile. 

A certain Mr Ikey Tiger has been very busy making sure of that on facebook – in fact the makers of the successful social platform claim they chose blue and white as their logo and corporate colours in honour of the UCT Ikey Tigers – we do appreciate that.

Ikey Tiger is a man of mystery and much allure, no wonder he is so popular, particularly with the ladies! Make him your friend on facebook and join the fun! Remember: 2 is company 10 000 is a crowd!

Click here to check out the official UCT Ikey Tigers vs Maties opening match facebook event of the FNB Varsity Cup 2009.

The Blue and White Tide is coming in fast! We are about to crack 1000 confirmed guests on facebook!!!