Monty goes back to School!

Monty, the original Ikey Tiger – the club mascot himself -  took time out of his busy schedule this week to visit local schools to unleash the Blue and White tide!

Sacs, Wynberg Boys, Wet Pups and Bishops Prep have all been fortunate enough to have had a chance to listen to the venerable Tiger talk about his team’s up and coming participation in the Varsity Cup, which starts on Monday 2 February, up on the Green Mile.

Monty whispered  the phrase ” once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more”  on numerous occasions,  relishing the task of taking on the old foe. The Ikeys tackle the Maties in the hugely anticipated “repeat” of last years final. 

His visits were all tremendously enjoyed by the pupils of each school as was the superb video he took with him prepared by (the video will be available for viewing on this  website soon, don’t forget to check it out).

Also present at each of the visits were current UCT players to lend support to the big guy and share a few words and answer questions on what this years Varsity Cup competition means to them and how their preparation is going. 

UCT Ikey Tiger stars Herbie Mayosi, Ashley Wells, Stuart Cummins,  Marvin Christians,  Nick Fenton-Wells as well as SA Sevens legends Paul Delport and  Kyle Brown alongside  UCT captain JJ Gagiano were all amongst Monty’s support crew during the tour.

The following schools were visited by Monty this week:

“Ikey School Road-Show”

Wynberg – Friday 23 January

Bishops Prep – Wednesday 28 January

Western Province Prep – Friday 30 January

Sacs – Friday 30 January

He ends of his tour on Monday 2 January at Bishops.

The Wynberg and Sacs brass bands have been gracious enough to commit themselves to lending a hand whipping the crowd up on Monday evening. In what will take the form of a “Battle of the Bands” Wynberg will go head to head with their local rival SACS to create, what threatens to be a, very festive and enjoyable atmosphere! . 

Monty knows he’ll see you all up at varsity on Monday 16.45 unleashing the “Blue and White Tide”..

Give as a UUUUUUUU!

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