Message from UCT RFC Club captain Xhanti Nesi

Dear Players, Old Boys, Management and Supporters. Its recently dawned upon me how close we are to the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

It’s amazing  how for myself, and many others, that we thought we had plenty of time before Africa would host the biggest  sporting event  in the world.  Time is fleeting by and we should savour every moment of the build up to this event. Super Sport has been leading this build up by encouraging support for all sporting codes, giving 2009 the title- “Year of the Fan”.

UCT rugby club starts yet another season with very high expectations and loads of enthusiasm. If anyone drive past the UCT  rugby fields(The Green Mile) on Tuesday or Thursday evening  you show case as amazing sight of young eager “rugga buggers”  flooding the fields. From the A to the C field there are over 8 teams at work. Our success in the Varsity Cup Competition is obviously paying dividends. We have a club that is ever growing in numbers and that continues to produce quality rugby and rock stars on the rugby field that can entertain even the most conservative crowds.

I write this letter to once again welcome all the new players, the stalwarts and the growing UCT IKEY Tigers supporters group. This season will again go by in a blink of an eye and for that I challenge every player to enjoy their rugby. We are not forced to play or have any obligations to attend practice. We do so because we enjoy it. We love giving the ball air, having props that burst through the centers and enjoying the camaraderie amongst team mates and the new friends afterwards- That’s UCT rugby! 

We are also looking forward to the start of UCT internal league and to see how the Purple Cobras will go about defending their Championship. I encourage every player to attend the games, to bring friends and family, and take a mate who has hung up the boots for studies to the game for a run. The future of this great club lies in our hands, we the players must be active in ensuring that the spirit of ‘Varsity’ continues.

All the best to all the players and all the teams. Let’s make UCT proud and most importantly, ourselves proud. 

Once an Ikey, always a Tiger

Your Club Captain 2009

Xhanti-Lomzi  Nesi