Man of the Match Interview – Dylan Rogers

DGuy having a “three minute breather” next to the ruck. Here with Luzuko Panya vs SK Walmers

You had you say in our Man of the Match Poll this week and voted Dylan Rogers, the hard working and fiery UCT Ikey Tigers prop as the pick of the Tiger litter of Monday’s clash against Maties. Dguy as he is known to his mates really was one of the stand-out performers on the day, congratulations!

Dylan: Thanks very much! But any player is only as good as the team – and we lost! Which hurts! Your play of the day would have been your fantastic 30 meter chase after an up and under when you caught and all but flattened the Maties fullback. You are a prop, right?

(laughs) I had been standing next to a ruck having a 3minute breather just before that kick went up, so I had a bit of extra energy! If I had missed the tackle I would have been in trouble because I had run out of the defensive line, luckily it worked out. We won’t tell the coach. What was your best moment of the match on Monday

Dylan: I would have to say the try that Stu Commins scored. It was such a stroke of genius and it was great to see him cut through the maroons and dot down under the poles. A close second would have to be when I looked to the side of the field and I saw one of the supporters “riding” Monte the Mascot. And we thought you guys were focused on nothing but the game! What was the worst moment?

Dylan: When “Marvellous Marvin” got “held up” over the try line and the ref did not call for the TMO, I think the TMO might have awarded us the try. Also when I saw the supporter get off Monte the Mascot, cause I was really enjoying it. What is the best thing for you about a home game?

Dylan: Definitely the home crowd. The Blue and White Tide is rising! Bit of a rhetorical question, but us fans do like being involved! So, what do you look to add to the team as a person and as a player?

Dylan: I look to add a bit of experience into the team as it is a young side, I’m one of the older bullets in it! I also try to add that mongrel and aggressive edge, I try to get under the other teams skin. Off the field I make sure that the party gets going and that the boys have a good time. I’m not as wild as I used to be but I’ve take Dayne “Danger” Jans under my wing and he is certainly making up for it! Always the team man – to the bitter end! Looking at the competition and maybe your next fixture, TUT, in particular, is there any team that impressed you at this early stage of the Varsity Cup? (TUT narrowly lost to UJ)

Dylan: I haven’t had a chance to watch too much of the other games but from what I saw Tukkies seem to be quite impressive and I it looks like TUT have improved substantially from last year. We don’t just play rugga at varsity, so tell us, what do you / did you study at UCT?

Dylan: I’ve actually just re-registered as UCT after some time in the wilderness. I’m studying a Bsc Construction Studies. All I need is a golf cart and I’ll have Van Wilder down to a tee! We know you guys had a very intense preparation, but where and when was your last Holiday?

Dylan: Ja, we trained through most of the Varsity holidays. We had 10 days off so I headed down to the Eastern Cape to Morgan Bay. The walk from the pub to my house is about 1km but it is all up hill so I managed to keep fit but making sure I jogged to the pub consistently. That’s a Prop’s version of a bleep test! But we do know you guys worked hard. Any message to the Blue and White faithful?

Dylan: We have got our loss out the way so don’t lose faith, it is only going to be victories from here. See you on the Green Mile! verdict: What a man!