Mad Macs Keep Moving for a Cause

Jamie Kawalsky

Amidst the challenging times we as South Africans find ourselves in; we all might feel helpless; as clichéd as it is; small gestures really can change the world. One of our old Ikey rugby players, Neil Macdonald, does just that. Using his time, his ability to network and his love for exercise to raise over R120 000 (and counting) for the most vulnerable in our society. Together with his wife, Katy, and three children, Imogen, Fergus and Lucy, the “Mad Macs” participated in a 10-hour “exercisathon” to raise funds for the Covid-19 relief efforts of two South African charities; Learn to Earnand Ikhaya Le Themba (‘Home of Hope’).

Together with over forty families from around the world, the Macs and the people crazy enough to join created tag teams in their homes and exercised non-stop for the full duration of the day. Many Learn to Earnstaff were part of the exercisathon and were very generous with their participation. 

Both Learn to Earn and Ikhaya Le Themba are well established South African charity organisations: the Macs were determined to donate the funds to charities that they could endorse. Learn to Earn is an NPO they’ve interacted with for years. Its director, Roché van Wyk , sent a thank you to all involved: 

“I would just like to thank you all sincerely for the effort, time and money that you have put into this energy-generating initiative…  On behalf of Learn to Earn, we will ensure that this funding will reach those who are in desperate need, and that their needs are met in such a way that will be responsible and make the biggest impact on their lives as possible.”

Ian Richardson, the Director of Ikhaya le Themba, said he has been
“overwhelmed with the generosity of the supporters of the “exercisathon”.

One of the families that got involved is our very own, Liam Furniss, who joined in on the initiative and gees; your generosity, time and energy is felt throughout the club and we thank you for this. 

The Mac family would like to thank everyone who got involved and showed such generosity at a time where so many people are really hurting. 

A few food parcels packed and ready to be donated from the money raised

If you are interested in donating, please see all details below. 

Mrs KAD Macdonald
Account Number: 1421062044
Branch code: 470010
Please reference with ‘Maccathon’ and your surname

Alternatively, you can deposit directly into the charities’ accounts:

Learn to Earn: 
Account number: 450151424
Branch code 632005

Ikhaya le Themba: 
Account number: 62487927877
Branch code: 203809
Please reference ‘IRF Mac’ and you can be sent a section 18a Tax Certificate for this donation

Find out more information about Learn to Earn and Ikhaya le Themba