Live Update: UCT Ikey Tigers vs Shimlas

A strong and semi final bound UCT Ikey Tigers team take on the new and much improved Shimlas from Bloemfontein in their last round robin home fixture. The match is not televised, but have all the loyal Ikeys supporters out there covered with our live ticker – check all the action right here!

Kick off 18:45! Let the Games begin:

Minute 0. Balmy evening, a slight breeze. A decent crowd. JJ Gagiano leads on his team to a huge cheer!!

Minute 1. Kick off and UCT lose a line out at the half. Shimlas get tackled into touch at the stand.

Minute 4. Shimlas line out is just out of the uct 22 – defense holding firm. Shimlas’s 8th phase – UCT gets a penalty to kick to touch.

Minute 6. Great break after the line out. Bax gets close, but Shimlas turn it and kick to touch. Sampson over in the corner but ref rules forward pass. Back for a penalty Rosslee kicks for the first 3 but misses.

Minute 12. Shimlas kick the 22 deep, UCT counter but get kicked back. Shimlas scrum in UCT 22.

 Minute 14. Shimlas go blind, come back inside after 2 phases and score! Conversion added 0:7

Minute 17. UCT win the kick off and push hard onto the Shimlas 22. Penalty for UCT, Rosslee for posts 3:7

Minute 22. UCT win the restart and attack wide. Retersen gets tackled high, penalty to touch, lineout 10m outside Shimlas try area. Penalty again, Rosslee makes it 6:7

Minute 28. UCT win the restart but are under pressure. They move up to the half. Shimlas scrum and grubber kick. Samson gathers and has a great break.UCT counter after a kick, back to the Shimlas 22.

Minute 37. Penalty ruled. Rosslee misses from 30m out. UCT attack well off the 22m drop out. Shimlas get a yellow card for repeated infringement. UCT kick the penalty too far over the deadball. 22 kick again for the guests.

Minute 38. Time off as two of the visitors collide but both can play on. Scrum Uct 30m out.

Minute 39. Great phases UCT but Shimlas put in a big hit and turn it over. Back into UCT territory. Kick over the ikeys deadball,22m kick. Great take by Uct! Scrum ikeys in Shimlas half

Minute 40. Uct knock on and Shimlas boot the ball deep after their scrum. Petersen fumbles, Shimlas scrum in Ikeys 22. Attack tackled into touch, lineout and kick to half way. UCT lose their throw, Shimlas attack and kick to touch. Half time. 6:7. The wind has picked up and UCT will have it in their backs now.


Minute 41. The second half is under way. UCT gather the kick off and explode down the sideline. Score in the corner by Dane Jans! Conversion just wide 11:7

Minute 50.   Shimlas get a penalty that goes just wide of the uprights.

Minute 55. UCT are back in the Shimla territory, JP Roberts is on at 9. Penalty at the halfway kicked to touch. UCT lineout on the 22 and ikeys go wide looking dangerous. Knock on! Scrum and now lineout Shimlas on the 10m line.

Minute 57. Great work Dylan Rogers, turn over and penalty after the line-out. UCT go for touch, the ref warns the noisy Shimla coach, the crowd absolutely loves it!!

Minute 60. UCT win the line out and attack hard! Great phases until Matt Rosslee crashes over. 18:7! GO BOYS!! two more tries.

Minute 63. Shimlas are back in the UCT half. Shimla line-out on the 22, they sent it wide. UCT get penalised. Kick is good. 18:10

Minute 64. UCT ring wholesale changes. Goosen, Wells, Moyake on. Dane Galley just on, gets yellow carded for a spear tackle. Penalty and lineout at the half. UCT force a knock on and get a scrum, but are a man down.

Minute 65. Scrum under pressure, and UCT loses the ball. Shimlas attack, but fumble. UCT scrum on their 22, Shimlas dominate the scrum and steal the ball to send it wide. They fumble again! But still pushing with an extra man, they score in the corner. 18:15

Minute 68. The Shimlas certainly have their tails up now and work their way back into the UCT half after the restart. Scrum UCT as Pete Haw comes on. Knock on and scrum Shimlas on the Ikey 22, just as Dane Galley is back from the sin bin. Shimlas attack and UCT get penalised. Shimlas miss the penalty kick that could have equalized. UCT boot down the field.

Minute 70. Mexican waves in the stands, but the game lacks magic. Shimlas get penalised in a scrum. UCT kick for a lineout on visitor’s 22.

Minute 72. Great attack and break in midfield, but knock on – again. Shimlas scrum on their 5. Penalty against the Ikeys in the scrum but UCT keep the ball in play after a poor touch kick. Shimlas turn it over and kick down the touch line. UCT mark the kick in their 22 and move the game back into the Shimla half with a long 22m drop.

Minute 74. UCT scrum on the half, but get turned. Now UCT kick straight into touch, Shimla lineout, but stolen! Kick and Shimla scrum on the half again.

Minute 79. Uct turn it over and attack wide. Sampson flies down the wing and sets up Petersen for a great try! Kick missed. 23:15

Minute 81  Scrappy kick off and play is back in the uct half. More scrappy play and the Shimlas score! Kick missed.23:20. Game over!

Shimlas meant business and UCT did just enough to claim their four points. The other scores and next week’s away match will decide the Tigers’ semi final venue. over and out!

UCT Ikey Tigers: 15 Therlow Pietersen, 14 Dane Johnson, 13 Tiger Bax, 12 Pieter Engelbrecht, 11 Marcello Sampson, 10 Matt Rosslee, 9 Stuart Commins, 8 JJ Gagiano (captain), 7 Enoch Panya, 6 Nick Fenton-Wells, 5 Donovan Armand, 4 Michael Passaportis, 3 Shane Meier, 2 Dayne Jans, 1 Dylan Rogers.
Replacements: 16 Mark Goosen, 17 Ashley Wells, 18 Dane Galley, 19 Kuselo Moyake, 20 JP Robert, 21 Peter Haw, 22 Sean van Tonder.

Head coach: John Dobson
Assistant coach: Robbie Fleck

Kick-off: Monday, March 9, 6.45pm, Groote Schuur

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