Live Update: Tuks vs UCT Ikey Tigers

Unbeaten and table topping Tukkies are hosting the UCT Ikey Tigers in Pretoria in what will be a cracker of a game. Both teams were semi-finalists last year and are probables for similar honours this season. The question is where will those semi’s be played? Tonight’s match might provide some answers and some awesome rugby of course.  This live ticker has been made possible the Blue and White support network!

(NB – this is a manual system. meaning you’ll have to refresh every couple of minutes to see the latest scores)

Kick off 18:45! Let the Games begin:

Minute 1:
…Our man Stef at the game reports a messy start. Bit of rain before the game hasn’t helped. Ikeys lose a turnover in the first minute and Tuks pounce to score a converted try. 7-0 to Tuks.

Minute10: Tigers were on the attack, but no score. Tuks defend, and get a penalty from a ruck, and come away with another 3 points. Not looking good at 10-0, but still lots of rugby to play!!! C’mon Tigers!!!

Minute 20odd: Sorry lost comms there for a second. Tigers on fire!! Down the line, Therlow Pietersen in the corner!!!! Yeah! Conversion good, and Ikeys on the board. 13-7.

Minute 30: Tuks come back with another penalty. 16-7. We need to stop these mistakes boys!!

Minute 40: Tuks mess up a clearing kick, skewed off the side of the boot straight into the hands of Marcello Sampson…..TRY in the corner!!! Conversion missed, but now it’s 16-12. C’mon boys!!!!

Halftime: 16-12. But we are still in it. Let’s hope the second half starts better than the first.

Second Half: 10 minutes: It’s getting closer. Penalty for Rosslee. 16-15 now!!

Minute 58: Ikeys Up!!!! Rosslee penalty again. It’s 18-16 to the Tigers!!!

Minute 60: Another Tuks penalty puts them back in front. It’s Tuks 19-Ikeys 18. This is the proverbial ding dong!!

Minute 72: Rosslee slots another crucial penalty!!! It’s 21-19 to the Tigers!! Can we hold on??? C’mon people. We need to send the vibes!!

Minute 77: Penalty to Ikeys for a late tackle. Rosslee lining it up…….he misses.

Last minute: Can you believe it!! Tuks slot a penalty of their own. They are up 22-21. Where are those pills??

Final whistle:
YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE IT!!!! Rosslee last second penalty OVER!!! It’s 24-22 to Ikeys!!!!!! GO TIGERS. Pretoria is not going to be the same again!!! Well done boys! Well done to Stef at the game for the updates. This is Maddog signing off!

UCT Ikey Tigers Team:
15 Therlow Pietersen, 14 Marcello Sampson, 13 Tiger Bax, 12 Sean van Tonder, 11 Marvin Christians, 10 Matthew Rosslee, 9 Kyle Wickins, 8 JJ Gagiano (captain), 7 Enoch Panya, 6 Michael Morris, 5 Donovan Armand, 4 Martin Muller, 3 Brad Gornall, 2 Dayne Jans, 1 Dylan Rogers.
Replacements: 16 Mark Goosen, 17 Ashley Wells, 18 Dane Galley 19 Kuselo Muyake , 20 Jean-Paul Robert, 21 Michael Nel, 22 Dane Johnson.

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