Live Update: NMMU vs UCT Ikey Tigers

A vastly changed Ikey Tigers team take on  NMMU, aka The Madibas in PE. It is extremely windy – conditions UCT know too well. The match is played in memory of  Monte Taljaard, the UCT flank who hailed from PE and left such a void after his tragic passing last year.

(NB – this is a manual system. meaning you’ll have to refresh every couple of minutes to see the latest scores)

Kick off 18:45! Let the Games begin:

The Tigers start play against the wind.

Minute 5:
UCT are pushing hard, dominating with 80% possession, but so far nothing to show for it.

Minute 10:
Sean van Tonder who has already had some good runs, opens the score with a try in the corner dragging over two tacklers. Petersen adds the extras, 7:0

Minute 15: Therlow Petersen crosses the line after a strong run, the conversion is missed in the windy conditions, 12:0

Minute 20: NMMU are using the wind better and have the Ikeys pinned in their 22. Penalty for UCT, kick for a line-out at the 10.

Minute 24: NMMU win a turn-over and run hard around the half way mark -  penalty. The Madiba’s decide to go for posts from the 10, but miss.

Minute 26: UCT worked back to the halfway mark, putting together good phases, but get penalised for diving over on the NMMu 10 meter line.

Minute 29: Petersen runs back a long kick,  Jean Paul Robert spots a gap and sets up Dane Johnson for try no three. Kick is good. 19:0

Minute 33: A long kick with the wind has pushed UCT back in their 22, NMMU score under the posts after a strong run by  their no 8. 19:7.
Young No9 JP Robert who has had a great match so far stays down injured, but can play on.

Minute 36: The NMMU flank pounces on a loose ball and runs it home from the 10 meter line. NMMU are back in the game. 19:14.

Minute 39: UCT start building phases again, van Tonder makes good yards, but the boys get penalised. NMMU kick down field, but fumble the line-out. Half time.

The home side fought back well after being 19:0 down. The wind is a major factor, if UCT use it well The Madibas shouldn’t get too close to the danger zone. Go buggers!

– Stas: NMMU 44 tackles made – UCT 19 tackles made.  Possession 35% NMMU – 65% UCT.

Minute 41: We’re away! The wind is absolutely pumping – UCT now have it in their back. NMMU kick off and regain possession. Turn-over, Johnson set off down the right wing and kicks ahead. Lineout 30m out.

Minute 42: No line-out, the ref rules foul-play by lock Mike Passaportis who gets sent off with a red card! UCT down to 14 men.

Minute 44: NMMU pressure the UCT scrum on the 10meter line and win a penalty. UCT a bit rattled, find themselves on their 22 – NMMU throw in scew, UCT scrum – going backwards fast! Turn over 5m out and Engelbrecht kicks ahead and gathers in the NMMU 22.  Hand off and try plus conversion 26:14.

Minute 47: That was a vital score for UCT, with the scrum so under pressue, the 7 forwards looked like ice-skaters going backwards. UCT change, on comes Dylan Rogers at prop for Ash Wells.  NMMU kick for posts and get their points: 26:17.

Minute 50: UCT win the kick-off and run hard down the right with Peter Engelbrecht. They swing back to the left where Christians gets tackled into touch. NMMU win the lineout and JP Robert blocks the kick that goes over the dead ball. 22m kick off.

Minute 52: the Ikeys build six good phases – NMMU get penalised just outside their 10. Petersen lines up the kick, but the wind takes it wide. 22m drop off again.

Minute 53: Wells comes back on for Shane Meyer who is injured. Sampson comes for Marvin Christians.

Minute 57: NMMU push into the Ikeys 22, but lose the ball. Michael Nel kicks the ball back out of the Blue and White territory. Some more kicks and UCT win a line-out attacking well.

Minute 58: Dane Galley comes on for Nick Fenton Wells, to play lock, No 7 Koselo  Moyake, “The Predator” off for Michael Morris and Dayne “Danger” Jans is on for no 2 Mark Goosen. The scrum is stronger immediately and UCT win the NMMU throw.

Minute 60: The won tighthead gets sent wide, but turned by NMMU who get turned over by UCT in the next ruck. The Ikeys send it wide where Dane Johnson has a prop to beat to run it home from 40 meters. Try number five and the conversion is good!  33:17.

Minute 62: UCT can’t win the kick-off and get penalised NMMU opt for the scrum 30 meters out the UCT tryline, hoping to dominate. But UCT turn it over on the pick up. Stu Commins is on for Roberts at no9, Pete Haw on for Sean van Tonder.

Minute 65: UCT tackle NMMU into touch on the half way and win their lineout. Knock on on the 10m by Gagiano. NMMU scrum. NMMU have to run the ball against the wind. UCT get penalised outside the NMMU 22m.

Minute 67: NMMU have to run the penalty because of the wind, UCT regain possession and are attacking down the right, 10 meters out, working the blind. Accidental offside, NMMU scrum.

Minute 70: NMMU can’t really get anywhere and get tackled into touch at the 22. UCT win the line-out ball and spread it. Building phases, great support play, but NMMU steal it.

Minute 71: Penalty for NMMU who play quickly and get close to the UCT 22 for the first time in the half – tackle into touch and UCT boot the line-out ball down field.

Minute 73: NMMU run it back but knock-on the ball on the halfway after a big hit! UCT scrum but get turned, NMMU are back just outside the Ikeys 22 after their no8 made good yards. Lost forward, scrum Ikeys.

Minute 75: The score is still 33:17, UCT lose the scrum and NMMU grubber though to the 22 again. NMMU line-out on the 22m line.

Minute 76: Scrappy line-out, but NMMU recover to get a scrum on the 10m line, they attack and knock on. UCT scrum now, it collapses and UCT boot the penalty into the NMMU 22.

Minute 79: Short arm in the lineout for early jumping, UCT play it and advance to under the posts after good work by the big boys. Penalty under the posts, UCT kick and make it 36:17.

Full Time. 5 Points in the bag.

Windy and not pretty, especially after the red card, which was a bit of a leveller. The Ikey Tigers were well in control throughout, so a well deserved win.  The Monte Taljaard Trophy goes to Cape Town – after his parents handed the Cup to winning captain JJ Gagiano! JP Robert, gets the Man of the Match award after a very solid outing.

See you next week on the Green Mile when UCT Take on Shimlas! over and out.

UCT: 15 Therlow Pietersen, 14 Marvin Christians, 13 Pieter Engelbrecht, 12 Sean van Tonder, 11 Dane Johnson, 10 Michael Nel, 9 JP Robert, 8 JJ Gagiano (captain), 7 Kuselo Moyake, 6 Nick Fenton-Wells, 5 Don Armand, 4 Michael Passaportis, 3 Shane Meier, 2 Mark Goosen, 1 Ashley Wells.

Replacements: 16 Dayne Jans, 17 Dylan Rogers, 18 Dane Galley, 19 Michael Morris, 20 Stu Commins, 21 Marcello Sampson, 22 Pete Haw.

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