Launch of The Ikey Pub

Not only does the Ikey Tigers game against Maties next Monday the 9th signal the start of Varsity Cup 2015, it also marks the launch of The Ikey, our new UCT Rugby Club pub.

Discreet and nestled in the corner of our brand new club house, we are hoping that it will again become the social hub of the club as a place for both players and spectators to congregate during the league.

But for Monday, we have something altogether different planned …

With the main field having been moved up the Green Mile a little, the perfect space for a new and improved beer tent has been created. Let the branded awning that you can see from Mars be your homing beacon, and with Greg Bax of the Slug & Lettuce running the show, this is the place to be on Monday afternoon.

Sure the game only kicks off at 7, but with Braai Tour legend Newton Theron busting a few tunes from 3 in the afternoon, some guaranteed Cape Town summer sun, ice cold Black Label draught beer served from state of the art “7 seconds a beer” taps, The Ikey is the perfect place for your out of office Monday afternoon “Meeting”.

Beer, wine, cider and cool drinks will be on sale via tickets that can be bought using either your hard earned traditional folding notes, or using the SnapScan app on your phone.

Just R20 gets you a 500ml draught, but if you get to The Ikey before 16h30, 2 tickets will get you 3 beers. Get in there before 17h30 and 3 tickets will get you 4 beers, while for 30 minutes after the final whistle, 4 tickets will get you 5 beers.

Ikeys vs Maties is a humdinger at the best of times, but when it sees the defending Varsity Cup champs take on the most successful team of the tournament in the opening game of 2015, then it’s pretty damn special.

Yes it’s Tens on the weekend, and Carte Blanche on Sunday evening might come with a few resultant demons, but for this sort of Monday evening entertainment, it’s time to dig deep. The Ikey needs you! 

Tickets to the game cost just R20 and are available at the gate on campus, or online at Varsity Sports Ticketing –