JJ Gagiano makes US team

SALT LAKE CITY – The U.S. Men’s National Team beat Uruguay, 43-9, at the Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy, Utah, bringing their campaign to a good start – it is a big month for the U.S. Eagles as they leave for Japan on Tuesday.


UCT’s JJ Gagiano got his chance when he came on at 6 in the 58th minute (watch out Mpoh Mbyiozo and Luzuko Panya).

The match was a close affair, albeit Todd Clever’s try in the second minute which saw the US gain an early 7:0 lead. The Urus fought back and booted themselves to a 7:9 halftime score. In the second half the US Eagles started to dominate possession at the breakdown.

A brace of tries, one of which was scored by the flying Takudzwa Ngwenya and the accurate boot of flyhalf Mike Hercus saw the Eagles  mark an impressive 21 points in just 10 minute

The final score was 43-9 for the Eagles who are now travelling to Tokyo, to take on Japan in “the revenge of Pearl Harbour”.

Well done to JJ Gagiano for cracking the squad and making his debut!

1. Mike MacDonald; 2. Mark Crick; 3. Matekitonga Moeakiola (Shawn Pittman in at 76); 4. Hayden Smith; 5. John VanderGiessen (Alec Parker in 66); 6. Inaki Basauri (J.J. Gagiano in at 58); 7. Todd Clever; 8. Pat Quinn; 9. Mike Petri (Chad Erskine in at 59); 10.  Mike Hercus (Valenese Malifa in at 69); 11. Gavin DeBartolo; 12. Junior Sifa (Salesi Sika in at 75); 13. Paul Emerick; 14. Takudzwa Ngwenya; 15. Chris Wyles (Saracens).

Tries: Clever, Wyles, DeBartolo, Ngwenya, Emerick, Erskine
Conversions: Hercus (4), N. Malifa
Penalties: Hercus

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