Jake White comments on UCT Rugby

White, pictured above with John Dobson during pre-season

Jake White, who acts as a technical advisor to the UCT Ikey Tigers and was very hands on during pre-season followed Monday’s match against Tuks and also took some time to comment on the game and the latest developments of the team.

“Go IKEYS.  Brilliant result tonight”.
Shortly after the match, which UCT won 24:22 in the last minute, White said: “There is still much to be done but it seems like we are moving ahead nicely on the right track.”
“What everyone involved with UCT rugby needs to appreciate is the level of effort required by the players and coaching staff  to achieve these results.  They are not happening just by chance.  They are the result of a commitment and passion for excellence that is perhaps unmatched in the glorious history of the club.  The difference of course is that in this professional era, nothing else is good enough any more.”
He concluded: “The team crossed another barrier on Monday night by believing that 60 seconds was still enough time to score the 3 points necessary to win the game.  That attitude is what is needed to achieve the ultimate level of perfection for which we are all striving.”

The champion concurs; we are on course.