It’s the Dream Final that everybody has been waiting for; Steinhoff Purple Cobras face off against their archrivals Steinhoff Tornadoes for the bragging rights of becoming 2010 champions.

The Steinhoff UCT Internal League Finals will be played on Thursday, 23 September which will see all 16 teams in actions on the night. The league has been divided into two sections, the Championships Section as well as the Cup Winners’ section.
Steinhoff Tornadoes, the 2009 champions, will contest the Championships Section against Steinhoff Cobras after reaching the final with a convincing win over the Magic Lions in the semifinals.
Both teams playing a different brand of rugby – the Steinhoff Cobras are well known for their defensive game and quick counters, whilst the Steinhoff Tornadoes are best known for their attack-orientated approach; all of which makes for an interesting 2010 Final.
Although playing for the Championship trophy, these two teams are also playing for the rights to participate in the Steinhoff Koshuisrugby Championships – which, of course, takes place at the same time as the 2011 Varsity Cup tournament.
The Steinhoff Shebeen Boys will face off against Steinhoff Panthers in the Cup Winners’ section. The winners here will receive bronze medals for reaching the finals in this section.
It wasn’t an easy season-long trip for these teams to reach the finals but they persevered the rain and windy conditions to stand tall as this year’s finalist.
The following teams will be in action in the Championships Section: Steinhoff Cobras v Steinhoff Tornadoes; Steinhoff Magic Lions v Steinhoff Ubumbo; Steinhoff Ikhaya v Steinhoff Wild Boys and to complete this section, the Steinhoff Spanners play against Steinhoff Smuts.
In the Cup Winners’ section, Steinhoff Shebeen Boys v Steinhoff Panthers; Steinhoff Turtles v Steinhoff Kopano; Steinhoff Marquard v Steinhoff Clarendon and Steinhoff College House v Steinhoff Catsville.
* Of course, a special thanks must go out to the main sponsors of the UCT Internal League – Steinhoff – for their continued and very generous sponsorship which keeps this wonderful, and exciting, league alive.