It has been a terribly disappointing sea

It has been a terribly disappointing season for Ikeys rugby and by extension the Ikeys fans. I cannot remember when last our rugby was this poor.

It is shocking how little talent their is in our team this season compared to the last three years. In prior years Ikeys fans went to Coetzenberg in busses knowing full well we are supporting the underdogs – but that’s ok cause we still gave a good fight and their was always a glimmer of hope. This year its hopeless.

What the major turnaround from last season does show categorically is the lack of any depth in UCT’s rugby talent – a stark contrast to Maties.

We need top mngt to recognise the lack of depth and do something about it – or else forget about Ikeys being competitive and hence having any serious support. If you don’t earn it, you don’t deserve it.