Interview with UCT vs Shimlas Man of the Match, Nick Fenton Wells

Nick supporting JJ Gagiano in their clash with Maties
Monday’s match against Shimlas wasn’t the best day at the office for the Ikey Tigers, but a couple of them put up their hands, steadied the Blue and White ship and saw the boys through. One of them was hard working flank Nick Fenton Wells, who deservedly claimed the Man of the Match award.

Thanks a lot! How did you guys feel after the close call on Monday?

We were not happy with our performance at all. We knew we needed a bonus point to secure a home semi final and unfortunately we didn’t manage that feat. We let a lot of good opportunities go to waste! Some supporters said, maybe it was a blessing in disguise, much like a messed up training before a game. So you guys know you have to pick it up again if you want to go all the way. Would you agree?

Nick: Yes and no. Yes, because we know we can play so much better than we did on Monday and no because Pukke away is going to be a very tough game and it would’ve been nice going to Potch knowing we have the home semi in the bag. Still, a better performance and a fourth try with a bonus point would have booked the home semi final with a game in hand, now you need to wrestle Pukke for it. What are your objectives? Get that win, in and out and leave no man behind?

Most definitely. We not going to Potch to try and salvage a point, we going there to play good rugby, do our best and come back with 4 points. You are quite experienced as far as matches in the Blue and White go, give us your Varsity rugby history.

Nick: This is my fourth year playing for UCT. I played u20A1’s in 2006, 2nd XV in 2007 with a couple of caps for 1st XV and 2nd XV in 2008. What do you look to add to the team as a person and as a player?

Nick: Off the field i like to keep things light hearted.. Keep guys smiling and keep the team positive. I like to train hard when we practise. I aim to practise like I play. In matches i try to keep my work rate high make tackles, steals and hit rucks. More of the dirty work, but i also enjoy running with ball in hand. We don’t just play rugga at varsity, what do you / did you study at UCT?

Nick: I’m currently finishing off my degree at UNISA (BBA – Bachelor of Busniess Administration) and then I’d like to further my studies at UCT, doing a post graduate in marketing. What is your personal psyche up song or movie before a match?

Linkin Park – Bleed it out, Linkin Park – Faint, Andrew Schar – The Warrior Poet! My best Movies are: Boondock Saints, Gladiator and Any Given Sunday (the Al Pacino speech) Any message to the Blue and White faithful who will be watching on Monday, rooting for that home semi?

Nick: Thank you to everyone for all the great support. Its been phenominal and there’s nothing like playing on the Green Mile with a sea of blue and white at our backs. And secondly we’re going to Potch to win, to bring the semi to UCT! verdict: Bring it!