Intervarsity 2012 at UCT


Intervarsity 1929 played in Stellenbosch
Intervarsity between Ikeys and Maties is a tradition dating back more than 100 years and the match-up used to fill Newlands stadium with crowds of students, alumni and supporters in its heyday. This Friday and Saturday sees a revival of the clash with rugby being played on Saturday the 1st at UCT's Green Mile.

You may have attended rugby, soccer or waterpolo intervarsities between Ikeys and Maties in recent years, but any Ikey born in the 60s or earlier would agree, the single sport Intervarsities don't compare to the full multi-sport Intervarsities of old. 

It was 1993 when the 75 year old tradition stopped, the UCT vs Stellenbosch multi-sport Intervarsity was scaled back, apart from regular but scattered fixtures where teams and athletes from both Universities would meet on the sports fields.

The big day or days, when all sporting codes take on their rival counter-parts with the ultimate goal of winning the overall Intervarsity bragging rights and the full campus support for both camps are due to return.

For the last few weeks UCT students and staff have been working to re-instate this lost tradition. As a result, 2012 will see a trial run of what Intervarsity will become once again. This is the first giant leap to a full scale Intervarsity in 2013.

As in the past rugby will play it's part in this great event and is looking to earn the right to be the highlight match-up. This Saturday Ikeys and Maties will go head to head at the Green Mile with a full list of fixtures. 

13h05  UCT A Rugby Field  Ikeys 3rd vs Maties 3rd  

14h15  UCT A Rugby Field  UCT U20A Troians vs US U20A  (Hetley Atkins Trophy)

14h15  UCT B Rugby Field  Ikeys (Eagles) 2nd vs Maties 2nd  

15h30  UCT A Rugby Field  Ikey Tigers  vs Maties  (Intervarsity Trophy)

The weather is looking promosing, so this day where Blue and White take on Maroon is not to be missed. See you at the Green Mile! 

More info and a full list of all fixtures can be found here:

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