Infernal Opinions – mutterings of an Ikeys relic – It is only a game

Priscilla, my perky little Pacemaker, can be really heartless at times. The Ikey Tiger’s clash last night at The Green Mile against the TUT Tanks, was hard on older nerves and tickers.

Around about the time when Therlow ran that beautiful line to score his try, my pulse rate and blood pressure prompted Priscilla to mutter in my gnarled old ear (pushing behind Gus Enderstein and Dave Vanrenen… not at the same time you understand.. was hard on the lugs) ‘You old fool, it is only a game, you know!’ How little does she understand the important things in life?

It is all very well talking about great defence by the Tigers, individual and team character to hold out TUT with 14 men for a good slice of the game, and all the rest, including the sizzling tries we did score; A few of the players looked decidedly battered and bent after the game, and none more so than Adrian Kritzinger, who appeared at the after match function with a very impressive bandage around his head. He looked like a casualty from the war zone in Afghanistan. This game was a very good preparation for the big game on Monday next. Pallo grabbed his opportunity with both hands and Eben Etzebeth had another massive game. My personal ‘hats off award’ goes to Nick Fenton-Wells, whose invaluable, unobtrusive work in the underworld, and inspirational captaincy, played a huge part in our success last night.

As befits an ancient rugby relic from the sexy sixties, I choose to mention that Neville Isdell and Dave Vanrenen, two very special UCT rugby benefactors, are both in town this week. Their Bursary recipients, Nesi, Marcel Brache, Donovan Armand and Nic Groom, are bringing youth and good looks, as well as an array of other talents, to a gathering of the UCT Sixties Stalwarts. A notable absentee is John Le Roux, who has come up with a feeble excuse that he needs to bond with his special mates from his time. The truth is that he does not want to be associated with us old geezers. We plan to put up a life sized hologram of John at our gathering, and take turns hurling insults at him for shunning our company.

In closing; as a frequent visitor to New Zealand to spend time with family and friends who live near Christchurch, I am sure that all members of the UCT rugby fraternity will join me in wishing the Kiwis all the best for now and the future. The Christchurch area is full of South Africans, and the Kiwis hold them in high esteem as immigrants. Let us hope that the folk in that area can pick up the pieces, and get back to the important things in life; like playing good rugby, but not good enough to beat the South African teams……. .

Please turn up on Friday for the Q&A Session at Caveau (the old Mill in Newlands) with Footey and the squad. It will be great fun and very informative. See you at the Green Mile on Monday.

Gavin Fernie

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