Ikeys Young Guns Continue to Impress

Although the FNB Ikey Tigers failed to hang on to their halftime lead against Maties, ultimately going down 32-20 to their rivals, much hope can be taken from the fact that the Ikeys Young Guns came back from behind to beat Maties’ u20 side.

Speaking to Young Guns coach Tom Dawson-Squib, it’s easy to see why UCT’s future rugby stars are on the right path. “We’ve got a different side from the Varsity Cup side now, because a few guys have gone up to the first team,” he said, “But this team is so enthusiastic. They’ve won all their games up until now.”

Despite the result, the games proceedings were not smooth at all. The teams played for only fifty-two minutes due to the referees being late, and the field had no shortage of wind.

“They scored first: they scored a try and a penalty so we were 10-0 down. We managed to score before halftime though so we went into the break knowing that we had a good chance because we were only trailing by five points and the wind would be in our favour,” coach Dawson-Squib said.

“When your home is the Green Mile and you know the wind, it always gives you a chance. We scored a try in the last seven minutes, but our second half performance was mainly tackling and kicking the ball up field. Maties really performed in the second half; they played some nice rughby,” he went on to explain.

“We had a big build up to this game and the boys responded well. They put in the defensive work and tackled really well in the second half.”

Speaking on the future of the club, the fans and their support, coach Dawson-Squib had this to say: “We hope that our players will play for the senior team one day, so it’s in our hands. But it would be great for people to support the next batch, so come down and watch us. Hopefully you’ll see something that will brighten up your Saturday.”

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