Ikeys vs Maties – Tickets

The long awaited clash of Ikeys and Maties is upon us and we look forward to the fantastic occasion on the Green Mile – bet there 4.30. Get your tickets early!

Tickets are R10 will be for sale

Friday: 10 – 14.30 on Jammie Plaza
Monday: 10 – 14.30 on Jammie Plaza
Monday: At the game, from 3pm.

All Ikey Foundation members please note:
– you get free entry at our no queue Ikey Foundation gate (on the Wynberg side of the A field)

– a reserved seat on the Ikey Foundation stand 
– a VIP arm tag that comes with a free bar (beer) tab courtesy of our partner SAB
– beers are allowed in the stands, which helps the rugby celebrations

for more, please visit http://www.ikeyfoundation.com

Kick off is 5pm, please be early.