Ikeys to run out one last time

By Wessley Thring

The FNB Ikey Tigers are set to face SK Walmers in the final game of their 2017 WP Super League A campaign. After narrowly missing out on victory against Victorians on Wednesday evening, the team will be hoping for a strong end to their season at the Green Mile.

“It was a very tight game. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to play at the level we were at during our last few matches. We didn’t display that kind of form,” said coach Esterhuizen when speaking about Wednesday’s loss to Victorians.

The FNB Ikey Tigers held the lead for most of the game, but were unable to put it to bed before losing the lead only minutes before the final whistle. “We had the opportunities, and we were leading at halftime and for most of the game, but they managed to score with four minutes remaining,” Esterhuizen said.

Wednesday marked the first match day in a significant period of time on which all four teams from the University of Cape Town fell short of victory, with the second, third and u20 teams all losing their respective fixtures.

Attention now turns towards Saturday afternoon, which brings with it the opportunity for the FNB Ikey Tigers to play without any pressure and end their season on a high note.

“We’re going to go out there and have fun because all the pressure is off now. Hopefully we’ll get the result if we run at them and keep the ball,” Esterhuizen said.

The final FNB Ikey Tigers team for the season is:

1 Waryin Losper, 2 Cuan Hablutzel, 3 Jordan Diekman, 4 Duncan Saffy, 5 Busanda Mabena, 6 Sanele Malwane (c), 7 Luke Stringer, 8 Josh Moon, 9 Dylan Tydbury, 10 Rob Anderson, 11 Paul Henry, 12 Robbie Ball, 13 Liam Furniss, 14 Matthew Redman, 15 Joel Smith


16 Brenton Greaves, 17 Msizi Zondi, 18 Josh van Vuuren, 19 Liam Greenalgh, 20 Stef de Gouveia, 21 Lohan Lubbe.

The match against SK Walmers is set to kick off at 15:30 on Saturday, the 26th of August at Groote Schuur A.