Ikeys to kick off USSA tournament against Pukke

The fixtures have been announced for the 2012 USSA Rugby Week, with some all-Varsity Rugby clashes set for Day One at the Wits Rugby Fields on Monday, July 2.

UCT are competing alnogside all other Varsity Cup (eight) and Shield (five) teams next week, as part of the 32-team field that will face up to each other over three days – and on four fields – in Johannesburg.

The teams have been divided up into four pools of eight each, with the losers and the winners from Day One set to take each other on as the tournament progresses over three matchdays of July 2, 4 and 6.

The UCT side has been training in recent weeks and features some exciting young talent who will get a chance to impress coach Kevin Foote to be considered in the Super League later in July  and the Varsity Cup 2013. 

The Ikeys side is captained by newly capped SA Students player and club stalwart Wes Chetty. 

The exciting Day One action will see eight Varsity Rugby teams go up against each other in four mouth-watering fixtures – FNB UP-Tuks v FNB Shimlas (11am), FNB Maties v FNB NMMU (12.30pm), FNB NWU-Pukke v FNB UCT (2pm) and the day's main match – FNB Wits v FNB UJ (4.30pm).

UJ are the defending champions, having beaten the Maties by 20-17 in the unofficial final at Wellington's Boland Stadium last July, but their hosts, Wits, will be eyeing up their Johannesburg neighbours in this local derby clash.


Day One – Monday, July 2:

Match No.1. Rhodes v DUT, Pool C (Field A)
2. FNB Fort Hare v Varsity College, Pool B (Field B)
3. WSU Buffalo v Zululand, Pool C (Field C)
4. Cida City v Turloop, Pool D (Field D)

5. FNB UWC v FNB UKZN, Pool B (Field A)
6. FNB UP-Tuks v FNB Shimlas, Pool A (Field B)
7. FNB CUT v Namibia, Pool B (Field C)
8. WSU Mthata v UJ Soweto, Pool D (Field D)

9. FNB Maties v FNB NMMU, Pool A (Field A)
10. Venda v Medunsa, Pool D (Field B)
11. NMMU-G v NWU-Vaal, Pool C (Field C)
12. NWU-Maf v Cent Aka, Pool D (Field D)

13. CPUT v WSU Ibika, Pool C (Field A)
14. FNB NWU-Pukke v FNB UCT, Pool A (Field B)
15. FNB TUT v Mangosutho, Pool B (Field C)

4.30pm (following the opening ceremony at 3.30pm)
16. FNB UJ v FNB Wits, Pool A (Field D)

Day Two – Wednesday, July 4:

17. Winner 4 v Winner 10, Pool D (Field A)
18. Winner 2 v Winner 7, Pool B (Field B)
19. Loser 5 v Loser 15, Pool B (Field C)
20. Loser v Loser 10, Pool D (Field D)

21. Winner 1 v Winner 11, Pool C (Field A)
22. Winner 8 v Winner 12, Pool D (Field B)
23. Loser 9 v Loser 16, Pool A (Field C)
24. Loser 1 v Loser 11, Pool C (Field D)

25. Winner 6 v Winner 16, Pool A (Field A)
26. Winner 3 v Winner 13, Pool C (Field B)
27. Loser 6 v Loser 14, Pool A (Field C)
28. Loser 3 v Loser 13, Pool C (Field D)

29. Winner 9 v Winner 14, Pool A (Field A)
30. Winner 5 v Winner 15, Pool B (Field B)
31. Loser 2 v Loser 7, Pool B (Field C)
32. Loser 8 v Loser 12, Pool D (Field D)

Day Three – Friday, July 6:

33. Winner 17 v Winner 22, Pool D (Field A)
34. Loser 21 v Loser 26, Pool C (Field B)
35. Loser 23 v Loser 27, Pool A (Field C)
36. Loser 24 v Loser 28, Pool C (Field D)

37. Winner 18 v Winner 30, Pool B (Field A)
38. Loser 17 v Loser 22, Pool D (Field B)
39. Winner 23 v Winner 27, Pool A (Field C)
40. Loser 19 v Loser 31, Pool B (Field D)

41. Winner 21 v Winner 26, Pool C (Field A)
42. Loser 25 v Loser 29, Pool A (Field B)
43. Winner 19 v Winner 31, Pool B (Field C)
44. Winner 20 v Winner 32, Pool D (Field D)

45. Winner 25 v Winner 29, Pool A (Field A)
46. Loser 18 v Loser 30, Pool B (Field B)
47. Winner 24 v Winner 28, Pool C (Field C)
48. Loser 20 v Loser 32, Pool D (Field D)

* The winner of Pool C will play against Varsity Shield side, FNB UKZN, on Saturday, July 28 in Pietermaritzburg.

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