Ikeys Rugby Steinhoff Internal League FINALS 2015

It is on! The Ikeys Rugby Steinhoff Internal League FINAL is happening tonight! 

We have some cracking games lined up from 18.00 with all your favourite teams in action!

Steinhoff Cobras take on Steinhoff Nadoes in the A League Final to settle the scores and see who will represent UCT in the 2016 Varsity Cup Steinhoff Koshuis League! 

–Res League 3rd/4th Playoff–

Steinhoff CVU Vikings vs Steinhoff Ikhaya 18:00 

–A – League 3rd/4th Playoff–

Steinhoff Cats vs Steinhoff Ubumbo A 18:00

— Res League Final–

Steinhoff Turtles vs Steinhoff Saints A 19:00

–A – League Final 20:00–

Steinhoff Cobras vs Steinhoff Nadoes

See you on the Green Mile!