The Ikeys Premier League

By now you may have heard about the unfortunate postponement of the WPRU league structures until 1 June due to man of the fields around the peninsular being unplayable.

IPL1With the need to ensure that our players remain active and well-conditioned, and that they continue having fun, we have come up with a cunning way to keep everyone fit and busy!

Presenting The Ikeys Premier League! 6 rugby franchises going head to head for 3 weeks on The Green Mile!

We will be holding the Ikeys Premier League (IPL) – based on the Indian Premier Cricket League – for the entire club, bar a few VC players who will be rested. Teams will be competing for a new Club trophy, the Connor Weber Memorial Trophy in memory of Varsity legend Dan Weber’s son, who tragically passed away aged 2 in a drowning accident in December 2017.

This epic 3-week competition will be held over April. Teams have been put together through an intense and hotly-contested auction process, held in The Ikey Pub & Grind.

Here are the highlights:

  • IPL4Each franchise chose their own team name.
  • Each franchise has submitted a short video introducing themselves and their franchise. These can be found on the Ikeys Instagram page – @ikeytigers
  • Each franchise was given a $1m budget to buy a team through a blind auction process. Players’ names were drawn in lots from a hat and then franchises were given 2 minutes to deliberate and present an undisclosed bid to the commissioner, with the highest bid winning each round.
  • All franchises were ensured to have equal numbers of tighties, loosies, inside backs, and outside backs.

Franchise Management Teams and Fixture Details: