Ikeys Old Boys take on Warton Business School

An Ikey Old Boys team made up of players who donned the famous blue and white stripes between 2000 – 2005 take on Warton Business School at 7pm on Tues 5th March up on The Green Mile.

The match is an annual fixture and very much a friendly against our friends from across the pond.

A great opportunity for old teammates to get together and relive the good old days both on the field and then of course in the pub!!

In the backline you might recognise names like Boyes, Brown, Cumming, Maurer and Bradshaw and in the engine room the likes of Snoopy Knoop, Van Den Berg, Palm, Hewlett and Bodo 'The Door' Sieber. All very much past their prime as rugby players but will certainly hold their own in the pub after!!

From the Old Boys all the very best to the Ikey Tigers and to The Trojans on Monday night. Believe Believe Believe!!

Photo: Ikeys vs Maties 8:8 draw at Intervarsity 2002 played at Coetzenburg 


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