Ikeys League Champions celebration – photos

Lisa Brown, UCT Rugby’s World Cup hero JJ Gagiano and Varsity rugby legend Tank Lanning.
The Ikeys faithful and players have waited 37 years for a Super League or Grand Challenge Trophy, so there can never be too many celebrations of this great triumph of a season. With varsity rugby Old Boy and beneficiary Neville Isdell in town, over 80 Ikeys and friends got together for a Champions event held at Smuts Hall Common Room last week.

Former Springbok player / coach and Ikeys legend Doc Moss was in attendance, as was Vice Chancellor Dr Max Price, Author Liz McGregor and WP Rugby’s MD Rob Wagner – a former UCT player himself.  MC John Dobson threw some questions in the direction of Neville Isdell who enjoyed sharing some stories from his playing days that were proof of what Club President Dugald McDonald call the “Inalienable right of studentsfor creative behaviour”.

There was also a report by Kelvin Grove read out, which attested to the above following the Players Dinner. The event had served as the players League Championship celebrations on the night of the deciding match – so it was no suprise that “most of the indoor plants found themselves outdoors and guests were seen drinking from the Kelvin Grove Fountain in the early hours of the morning”. The UCT old boys in attendance all agreed that beahiour as such was despicable and would never have happened in their playing days.

Dr Max Price again congratulated the club and all its members and supporters and confirmed his and the University’s commitment to further invest in UCT sports on all levels.

Ever humble Ikey Tigers coach Kevin Foote confirmed a strong squad for 2012 with only a small handful of leavers due to age restrictions or provincial commitments and UCT Rugby World Cup hero JJ Gagiano reported from the ‘blur’ of scoring a try against Australia for the USA while rounding relative minnow loose forward Rocky Elsom.

Ivan Nurick put the feats of the 2011 Ikeys side in perspective with an amazing rendition of UCT rugby facts from the last 70 years – it was confirmed while there were some powerful UCT sides in the 40s, early and late 60s and early 70s – a success of the magnitude we have been fortunate enough to experience this year we have not seen since 1973 – 37 long years!

In light of a possible upgrade to the Green Mile – UCT hallowed (and windy) playing turf – which is of course overlooked by the magnificent Smuts Hall Common room where the function was held, club president Dugald Madonald remarked “As you all know, Smuts Hall was designed by the brilliant architect Sir Herbert Baker” he further explained, “The other thing he is of course famous for is for NOT having designed the UCT Sports Center”.

Once an Ikey always a Tiger.

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