Project and Marketing Coordinator

You are organised, efficient, driven and know UCT?  Go apply (BELOW) and let us know why you are a good fit for the job! We’re ready to kick off asap!

Remuneration: R10 000
Duration: 4 months with option to extend in line with performance and aptitude

Posted 27 November 2018

Job Specifications:

The objective is to set up the UCT Rugby Social platform to enable UCT students to participate as spectators in the 2019 Varsity Cup, and to become social members of the UCT Rugby Club with the goal to also participate in social tag rugby.  The project will entail signing up at least 3000 students, and to transform the fan base to reach new demographics that have not been involved in the UCT Rugby  in a social or sporting capacity in the past. The goal is to have a stand full of spectators that is welcoming and all inclusive, and representative of the diversity in our unique UCT community.

  1. Contact and negotiate with all the university authorities who have influence over creating an easy platform for students to get to Varsity Cup matches. For example, Jammie services and wardens of the residents.
  2. Negotiate areas on campus where Ikey Vibe membership can accept registrations throughout the orientation period, as well as a few weeks into the first term.
  3. Design and create membership cards that will entitle students access to matches and discounts at the Ikey Pub and Grind.
  4. Employ and manage students to sell memberships on a commission basis.
  5. Manage the MC and DJ on Varsity Cup match days during home games.
  6. Advertise and create student parties at the Ikey Pub and Grind directly after Varsity Cup match days.
  7. Liaise with the club manager regarding all logistics around Varsity Cup.
  8. Market the Rugby Club to all other university clubs and societies.
  9. Invite local schools to Varsity Cup events.
  10. Coordinate parking and transport to make access easier to Varsity Cup events.
    Note: there is a bonus incentive available.

Testimonial from a past employee who held this position:

“Working for the Ikey Tigers was a lot of fun, but also helped kick start my career. I got a job with Unilever straight out of university – and in my interview it was all the experiences with dealing with different teams of people, planning promotions to grow the fan base, social media strategy and project managing game days and social rugby with Ikeys that proved I was ready for the role and deliver from day 1”
Andrzej Ogonowski (Ikey Tigers marketing Intern ‘12)