Ikeys improve in back to back Sevens

Over the last two weeks, the UCT 7s side have taken part in two large tournaments: the Varsity Seves tournament in Camps Bay and the USSA 7’s tournament in George. Moving from one tournament to the next, within only a few days, the side showed great strength and improvement. 

The Varsity Sports 7s tournament in Camps Bay saw the side finish 7th out of 10 winning four of their games, and lost six of them. Some mentionable results include their 46-0 win against Limpopo and their 36-28 win against NMMU.

When asked which game the team enjoyed playing most, coach Christiaan Esterhuisen cited the Maties game at Camps Bay in which UCT led with just a few minutes to go. He claimed “we came close so many times.” However, regardless, the team were able to take much from the tournament going forward. 

In the USSA games last week, UCT won four of the six games they played, which is an obvious improvement from the Camps Bay tournament. 

Playing in back to back tournaments, Esterhuisen said, “I think they realised how strong the other universities were, and what it takes to win tough matches.” 

Their 53-0 win over TUT is commendable, as they managed to extend their winning margin significantly given their 26-7 victory over the side a week earlier. 

All in all, Esterhuisen notes that stand-out performances over the tournaments were given particularly by Brad Bosman and Sean Johnson who, as he says, “were our best and most consistent players.” 

In terms of the overall value of the tournaments, the coach said “they learnt a lot and also developed as rugby players. This will benefit them going into the 15’s season now.” 

Varsity Sevens Camps Bay 2013 results 

UCT – TUT 26-7

UCT – Limpopo 46-0

UCT – UWC 19-28

UCT – Pukke 19-28

UCT – Maties 17-34

UCT – Kovsies 15-48

UCT – NMMU 36-28

UCT – Tuks 14-24

UCT – Pukke 5-29 (Plate Semi Final)

UCT – NMMU 27-12

USSA results George 2013

UCT – VUT 53-0

UCT – Pukke 12-24

UCT – CUT 28-7

UCT – Tuks 12-24

UCT – TUT 53-0

UCT – CPUT 28-12