Ikeys at the Olympics?


In the year of a phenomenal 7s World Cup and with some Ikeys 7s heroes in action at this weekend’s London 7s bound to win silver ware, the time has never been better to push our great game over the Olympic try line!

Mpho Mbiyozo, Kyle Brown, Paul Delport for SA 7s, Marvin Christians and Dane Johnson for SA Vipers 7s, Matt Turner for England 7s, JJ Gagaiano for the US, Matt Rosslee (last year) and Luzuko Panya for SA students 7s last week in Paris – the Ikeys sevens list is long and pure quality!

We have an opportunity to give the Ikeys of tomorrow a chance to compete at the highest level – the Olympic Games!

Sign the petition on http://www.olympic-rugby.org a new initiative that has gone live only last night and already has signatures from over 30 countries!

check the supporters here http://www.olympic-rugby.org/supporters

“The petition to get Rugby to the Olympics

Rugby is competing for inclusion to the Olympic Games with several other sports, like Karate, Golf, Squash and possibly even underwater Chess, Tug of War or something similarly exotic. In 2005 the International Rugby Board failed to get rugby in the Olympic Games 2012 in London. The olympic-rugby.org petition aims to swing the vote this time and generate as much publicity and momentum for the cause as possible, before the decision gets made in October 2009. Rugby is a team sport, so we must team up, scrum down and make it happen. Crouch, touch and pause – Engage!”