Ikeys Continue to Support the VUSA Programme

UCT Rugby Club is proud to announce its ongoing support of the VUSA rugby and learning academy, which offers disadvantaged children across the wider Cape Town community a structured program to develop their rugby skills. The main objective of the programme is to build self-esteem for less-privileged children through both sports and academics.

Our partnership with the VUSA team began in 2018, as players and staff across the Club rotated to coach at VUSA practices twice a week, on Mondays and Wednesdays. We were responsible for designing drills that would improve the rugby skills development of the kids, as well as assisting the VUSA coaches with specialist knowledge where needed.

With additional coaches present at practices, the VUSA kids and staff both reported an increased feeling of specialist rugby knowledge and personal coaching techniques, allowing all the coaches to put in more time with each individual child. With many of the UCT rugby players being current or past Western Province rugby representatives, the players also formed important role models for the kids to look up to; and with some coming from similar circumstances, showed the kids that the opportunity of playing rugby at the country’s top university was an achievable goal.

VUSA programme leaders, Mac and Brendan were extremely helpful and extremely understanding. Both of them are so positive about the programme and the Club’s involvement.

In 2019, the Club plans to extend its support to the programme beyond rugby, with plans for Club representatives to help out with the academic side of the VUSA programme. This is considered important to demonstrate to the kids that success in the classroom is equally important as success on the rugby field.

There were many UCT rugby players and staff that went the extra mile in 2018, which gave a lot of hope to the club. The memories and experiences gained by both the VUSA kids and the UCT players will be cherished for years to come. We look forward to experiencing the same commitment in 2019.

Keagan Timm
Club Captain 2018


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