April 25th, 2016 was a fantastic day for Ikey Tigers. For 14 hours one of the change rooms in our Neville Isdell Rugby Centre became a filming studio.

From 09h00 in the morning until the wee hours Ikey Tiger stories from across the last eight decades were relived, retold and recorded for posterity.

Caught on film:

  • Pat Tebbutt
  • Mpho Mbiyozo
  • Fallon Hope
  • Doc Moss
  • Xhanti Nesi
  • Guy Alexander
  • John Le Roux
  • Nathan Nel
  • Dugald Macdonald
  • John Dobson
  • Gavin Sheldon
  • Greg Fury

Without any leading it was scarcely believable to hear the consistency of Ikey Tiger experience over eighty years. We have a truly special club. The room was regularly filled with barrel-loads of laughter or left in silence after a particularly poignant thought was shared.

“The Spirit of Ikey Tigers”, a short film capturing the essence of Varsity rugby will premiere at the annual Ikey Tiger Black Tie Dinner on 10 June 2016.