Ikey Tiger High Performance Gym in Full-Swing

The Ikey Tiger High Performance Gym was officially launched on 1 October 2013, possibly ushering in a new age for the side from the Mother City. The gym is set to be the official training ground for the Tigers and boasts itself as the “proud home of UCT Rugby”.

Kevin Musikanth, Director of Rugby for UCT, explains that the creation of the venue is an entirely new venture given that it is the first time the squad have had one gym in which to train together. In this way, he states, it functions as a rugby conditioning gym.

A central training location is essential for the squad said Musikanth as it boosts moral and garners motivation among the boys. More importantly, he continued, “conditioning nowadays is the cornerstone of rugby”. Therefore, the key value of the gym is that it enables the necessary conditioning to take place within the team, but as a whole.

The gym has been open only seven weeks so far, explains Musikanth, and yet a significant difference can already be seen. In preparation for their 2014 season the players are putting on weight and putting in the time.

He goes onto state that the boys are enjoying the new gym, and keen to be training together. The Ikey Tiger cheerleaders are also taking advantage of the newly-branded centre, and recently checked in on the players during one of their intense training sessions. Working up a sweat and posing for some pics, it seems it was all in a day’s work for the UCT babes.


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