Ikey, Baby Bok, Springbok A. Q&A with Suleiman Hartzenberg

1. You’ve gone from Varsity Cup to Springbok A’s in a short period. How different is the game at Springbok level?

We have not played a match yet so i can’t comment on it really. One thing that definitely increased is our time doing analysis.

2. Any favourite memory/ies from Varsity Cup?

Beating maties in the 500th varsity cup match. Another memory that stood out for was our weekly triple E, this was great because we got to know our team mates on a different level and it was great to hear them share their background stories.

3. You’re currently touring the UK. Who has the biggest personality on tour?

This is a tough one but the two that comes to mind is Cornal Hendricks (Bulls) and Leolin Zas (Sharks).

4. Ikeys, Baby Boks, Springboks A – who does it best in terms of (i) strategy and prep, (ii) vibe in the changing room, (iii) inspirational team talks, (iv) post-match festivities, (v) player management?

I don’t think i can say who’s best because each team has different types of ways too prepare. I feel like each team talk i’ve been in was different because every team has various themes that they focus on. The thing i can certainly give credit to the Ikeys is the vibe and the post match festivities.

5. You have a brother who also plays at a high level – have you ever met on the field? Who came out on top?

We have played against each other but i was on the centre and he was on wing. I would say he came out on top because his team won.

6. Be it coach or player or friend, who would you say has had the biggest impact on your career so far? Why?

I think the position i’m in today is because of all the people i have met along the way. Everyone played a part in my life where it was big or small, i feel that i’ve learnt a lot from the people around me whether it was coaches, players or family.

7. What advice/tips would you give to the guys preparing for Varsity Cup 2023?

I don’t think i can really give them advice, but one thing can say is that they must trust the process and follow the plans that are put in place, and that they should keep building each week and continue to play great rugby.