Helderberg host UCT

UCT take on last placed Helderberg today in the Strand. All teams are travelling, the Saturday fixture has been moved to Friday because the Stormers are playing in Newlands.

  16:00 FNB UCT 1st XV “Ikey Tigers” Helderberg 1

14:45 FNB UCT 2nds XV “Eagles XV” Helderberg 2
13.35 FNB UCT 3rds “Ish Dramat XV” Helderberg 3
  13:25 FNB UCT Moss XV Helderberg 4

14.45 FNB UCT U20 A1 “Trojans”
Helderberg U20A

13:25 FNB UCT U20  “Babrow” Helderberg U20B
13:25 FNB UCT U20 “Junior Tigers” Helderberg U20C
13:25 FNB UCT U20  “Cubs” TBC

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