Gary Gold’s rugby coaching website relaunches

New and improved – Gary Gold’s version 2
Springbok Assistant Coach Gary Gold is a busy man who is forever spreading the gospel of quality rugby coaching. Gary has been very generous in helping the 2010 Ikey Tigers varsity cup squad make the most of their trainings and prepare for matches, now his coaching website has relaunched.

Gary and a team of high level coaches and specialists – among them medical expert and ex Ikey and Irish Captain Dr Dion O’Cuinneagain,  Dr Sheryl Calder who has been instrumental in shaping many Ikeys stars abilities by providing visual coaching and Steve Mac, the conditioning coach of the 2007 World Cup winning Springboks to name a few all add top level information to the site.

Check it out:

It features a heap of free information as well as a comprehensive archive of exclusive content for aspiring coaches and players from all levels:

  • Information, Strategies and plays
  • Rugby Drill Videos
  • Complete Rugby Conditioning
  • Techniques and Guidelines
  • Exclusive Training Videos

to help you “raise your game”

You can WIN with the new – join their facebook group in July / August and stand a chance to win one of 10 subscriptions with access to hundreds of tutorials, exclusive training videos and complete rugby conditioning programs. Like? click here

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