Game on again in Cape Town

Last week saw all of UCT's Steinhoff Internal League teams on a bye, this week the teams are raring to get their feet back on the Green Mile.


With the exam break ahead, teams will be looking to collect as many log points as possible over the next two weeks.

The Steinhoff Nadoes are still on top of the standings after two weeks and will be looking to cement their place there. However, the Nadoes face a tough task ahead as they face the Steinhoff Wild Spanners on Wednesday.

Any slip-up could see them lose that top spot to their bitter rivals, the Steinhoff Cobras. The Cobras are up against the Steinhoff CATS and are almost guaranteed their five points – for the win and the four tries.

Steinhoff MOB, Steinhoff Ubumbo, the Steinhoff Wild Spanners and the Steinhoff Knights are all fighting for that No.4 spot with one point separating each team at present on the standings.

In the Res League, meanwhile, the Steinhoff Shebeen Boys and the Steinhoff Turtles have been showing their dominance as both teams are unbeaten at the moment.

The competition really seems a much tighter affair as a slip-up from these two could see Steinhoff Health Sciences, Steinhoff Smuts or Steinhoff CVU Vikings end top.


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