With the new season fast approaching, preparations (which include a training camp and one warm up match already under their belts) have been well under way for the UCT team. “For me, their commitment has been the most impressive thing so far,” Says Hanyani Shimange, former Springbok and newly appointed head coach of the FNB Ikey Tigers.

“They’ve been really disciplined when it comes to their training. They’ve been consistently showing up to practice even during exams,” he added, content with the progress his team has made.

With this commitment characterizing the team’s preseason, it is no surprise that they performed well in their first warm up match against the University of the Western Cape, who are now also being coached by a former Springbok: Chester Williams.

Two Ikeys teams were fielded that day, and the coach went on to say that he saw a lot of potential during the match. “The result is irrelevant. It’s the performance that matters; this was a chance for the players to try a few things they had been practicing. Some things went right and some things went wrong,” he said when asked about the match.

The team will play another game against the UCT Colts/Durbanville first XV on the 23rd of January before ending their preseason with an exhibition against False Bay on the 30th. The FNB Ikey Tigers host FNB Shimlas at the Green Mile on Monday the 8th of February at 19:00 (TV) – Tickets are available at www.webtickets.co.za

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