The final round robin matches were played in the Steinhoff UCT Internal league last night. There were a few must win matches as teams still had the opportunity to top their respective groups.

The evening started off with the Steinhoff Panthers against the Steinhoff Turtle. The Panthers how ever started playing like the Panthers team of old. Very physical up front, something that has been lacking for the duration of the season. They do how ever seem to be peeking at the right time, as quarter finals now await them. Steinhoff Panthers won the match with a three try victory and with that topping the group.
Steinhoff Cobras also had a good run on the park with a four try victory over Spanners. The game was a fair contest in the first half. Cobras then stepped up a gear and made double sure they going into the quarters as joint favourites.
Steinhoff smuts then took the field next, with a new look side came out and made sure they dealt with their opponents. They blitzed five tries past Ikhaya on the evening.
Our final match of the evening was Steinhoff Nadoes against Steinhoff Magic Lions. Lions were no push over’s but it showed last night, the Nadoes know how to pull out a win when needed. They too score a bonus point victory on the evening.
Results as they h appened:
Steinhoff Panthers
15 – 03
Steinhoff Turtles
Steinhoff Cobras
24 – 10
Steinhoff Spanners
Steinhoff Marquard
05 – 17
Steinhoff CVU Vikings
Steinhoff Shebeen B.
00 – 00
Steinhoff Kopano
Steinhoff Smuts
27 – 22
Steinhoff Ikhaya
Steinhoff  Nadoes
26 – 07
Steinhoff MOB