Teams showcase their latest signings as they impress the supports on the night…


Claredon and Ubumbo where the teams to watch last night as they impressed the crowd with convincing wins. Their newly recruited players where devistating on the night, showing why they were hand picked to change their teams fortune and so to style of play. Clarendon kicked off the first match and where potent from start to finish as play maker, hong kong 7’s star Sean Simpkins showing his talent. He really had the crowd on the edge of their seats with his no look passes. He pulled out all the tricks making him a key player at 10 for the clarendon knights.

Ubumbo was up next, and they dominated and played a well controlled games as they scored at will, there team now well balanced with the newly recruited players brought in from different sides of the world. The key players on the night for Ubumbo was their hooker, Wang, flyhalf – Athi Kala, outside centre – xolisa Wellen  and wing - Sifiso ‘Terror’ Tembani.

The Steinhoff Cobras had a massive win as they dominated up front and the backline ran good lines breaking their opponents defence almost at will.

The game to watch however was the Magic Lions and Cats match. The game was a tight affair from start to finish and anybody could have won the match. The Steinhoff Cats team had a chance to win it at the death but the Steinhoff Magic Lions defended well and won the match with a narrow 7 – 3 margin.

Results on the night are as follows:

Panthers 07 – 17 Clarendon
Ubumbo 26 – 00 Colege House
Cobras 38 – 00 Marquard
Wild Boys 12 – 00 Shebeen boys
Smuts 17 – 09 Turtles
Lions 07 – 03 Cats
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