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1. Introduction

2. Doc Moss Media Gallery

Doc Moss Memorial Video #1
Video Tribute by John Le Roux

Doc Moss Memorial Video #2
Video Tribute by Dawie Snyman, Ian Macallum, HO De Villiers and Dugald MacDonald.

Doc Moss on the Ikey Spirit
Video of Doc Moss in the Ikey Changing Room

Doc Moss Photo Gallery
A Collection of Archive Photographs of Doc Cecil Moss

3. Cecil Moss Dies – A Quiet Achiever

4. Doc Moss My Life in Rugby

5. Tribute Excerpts: Doc Moss My Life in Rugby

Altering the Compass of My Life
Written by Ian McCallum

Doc’s Gift
Written by Dugald McDonald

A Varsity Man to his Bootstraps
Written by Alan Solomons.

Proud Friend and Colleague
Written by Ivan Nurick

Master of Detailed Planning
Written by Naas Botha

Giving Rugby a Good Name
Written by Morné du Plessis

6. Featured Tributes: The Moss Family and UCT Rugby Club

Family Eulogy: Cecil Moss
Excerpts from the Family Eulogy

Cecil Moss: A Man of A Deep, Decent, Character
Written by Neville Isdell, Patron of UCT Rugby

Cecil Moss: A Real Ikey Tiger and Rugby Man
Written by Kevin Musikanth, Former UCT Rugby Coach

From One ‘Gentleman’ to Another
Written by Bodo Sieber, Ikey Old Boy

A True Gentleman
Written by Silke Colquhoun

7. Tributes: Ikey Old Boys and Supporters

– Dave and Lynn Mitchell
– John Filmer
– Richard Kohn
– Steve Mussett
– Robert Caldwell
– Alan Solomons
– Gordon Law
– Mike Hoard

8. Submit Your Own Tribute to Doc Moss