Crunch Time: UCT Ikey Tigers vs Pukke – semi final score update

Semi Final time on the Green Mile! In a monumental rematch of last years highly dramatic semi, the Ikey TIgers take on old foes Pukke (University of the North West).  The match is televised, but have all the loyal Ikeys supporters out there covered with our score update- check the action right here!

This week news will be stripped to an update every 20 minutes, so you’ll get four updates in total:

Kick off! 16.45

Minute 20:
UCT are playing with the strong wind and are camped in the PUKKE half. Rosslee had a shot at a goal but missed. No scores yet, no try scoring opportunity either

Minute 40: Rosslee had another narrow miss. Uct are in the game now,looking dangerous.Nick Fenton Wells came close down the left. Dane Johnson on the right,was just short. Try! Sampson over in the corner. Rosslee adds the exra. 7:0 after 30 min

Mike Passaportis scores after some great work by Stu Commins. Conversion wide. 12.0 after 34 minutes. That is also the halftime score. Next 40 against the wind!

Minute 60:
Pukke are running hard and get a penalty to make it 12:3 after 45 min. Puk camp in the Uct  22, but the defense holds. Pukke kick another penalty.12:6 after 53 min.UCT attack better against the wind. Van Tonder is on and makes yards. Uct attack blind and score through Dayne Jans who just came on. Conversion just short. 17:6 after 60 min.

Pukke strike back with a penalty 17:9 after 62 min and add a try, making it 17:16 after 69 min. To the wire!10 min to go..

Minute 70:
UCT keep possession well and work up the field. Mistakes get punished with long kicks down the field by the visitors. Scrum Pukke in the danger zone. UCT turn it and kick to touch.Pukke attack and get a penalty! 17:19 with 5 minutes to go.

Minute 80: UCT back in the Pukke half.Giving everything, two penalties get kicked to touch.Uct lose the first but win the ball back. Fumble and Pukke scrum.Kick to touch and the game is over. Ilose keys 17:19 scoring three tries to one.

FNB UCT: 15 Therlow Pietersen, 14 Dane Johnson, 13 Tiger Bax, 12 Pieter Engelbrecht, 11 Marcello Sampson, 10 Matt Rosslee, 9 Stuart Commins (vice-captain), 8 JJ Gagiano (captain), 7 Enoch Panya, 6 Nick Fenton-Wells, 5 Donovan Armand, 4 Michael Passaportis, 3 Shane Meier, 2 Mark Goosen, 1 Dylan Rogers.
Replacements: 16 Dayne Jans, 17 Ashley Wells, 18 Dane Galley, 19 Mzoi Simani, 20 JP Robert, 21 Sean van Tonder, 22 Marvin Christians.

Head coach: John Dobson
Assistant coach: Robbie Fleck

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