On and event filled evening the Steinhoff Cobras and Steinhoff Nadoes make yet another final. Both teams not having it their own way as Steinhoff Knights and Steinhoff Wild Boys seem worth opponents.

Steinhoff Cobras started the match like a house on fire as they scored two consecutive tries in the space of 5 minutes. The Steinhoff Wild Boys then hit back with a penalty which gave them some hope knowing they can score against the Steinhoff Cobras. Steinhoff Wild Boys then put together some good moves but could not find that final killer pass. In the late stage of the match Steinhoff Wild Boys gave away some silly penalties, clearly frustrated at the referee for some dubious decision. At the end Steinhoff Cobras took their chances and made it count.

The Steinhoff Nadoes had a very tough match against Steinhoff Knights. Both teams very young in stature really gave it their all. Nadoes scored 1st and Knights followed up with a penalty. Steinhoff Nadoes then ran a backline move that got intercepted and scored under the poles. With two minutes to play it seemed the Steinhoff Knights had it in the bag but the Steinhoff Nadaoes had one last ace up their sleeve. With seconds to play Nadoes kept ball in hand as they used their forwards and word their way over the Knights try line to clinch the match.


Steinhoff MOB 10 – 08 Steinhoff Cats
Steinhoff Cobras 15 – 03 Steinhoff Wild Boys
Steinhoff Nadoes 12 – 10 Steinhoff Knights