The Steinhoff Coabra and Steinhoff Nadoes were given no easy task in captering wins in this weeks Stienhoff UCT Internal league.

The Steinhoff Nadoes coming back into the fray after a long and successful Varsity Cup Koshuis tournament found it hard finding their feet as they took on the Steinhoff Panthers. A physical Panthers team seemed to dominate the Nadoes with some big scrums and aggresive ruck situations. The Nadoes however well known for recruiting pacey wings had counters of their own when playing the ball out wide. They soon found themselves leading with two tries as both wings scored a try a piece in the first half.
 The Nadoes then extended their lead with another two tries in the second half of the match. The Panthers however hit back with two tries of their own in the second half and had most of the ball as they made the nadoes defend, at the end Nadoes ran out 31 – 14 victors.
The Steinhoff Cobras had an even closer encounter with the Shebeen Boys. The Cobras struggled up front as the more experienced and older guys of Shebeen Boys where throwing out all the stops up front trying to over power the much younger Cobras. The Cobras however kept their cool and played to a 29 – 20 victory. Not what we expected to from the Cobras but a win never the less.

These are the results of the evening

Smuts Canceled Cats
Spanners 20 – 07 Kopano
Tornadoes 31 – 14 Panthers
Ikhaya Canceled Clarendon
Cobras 29 – 20 Shebeen Boys
Wild Boys 26 – 00 Marquard

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