Beach Touch Rugby Series

Former UCT Ikey Tiger and ex England 7s player Mat Turner along side Ur7s South Africa have started a Beach Rugby Series held on Camps Bay beach, starting the 16th of August. It will be held every Thursday night until the 1st of September with the finals day being played on Sunday 10th of September.

Turner explains “In Cape Town we are lucky enough to always be within a 20 minutes of beach. My main attraction to beach rugby is the setting, you are playing, running on one of the best beaches in world making new friends. I’m all about a healthy, fit life style and when you can throw in some mates new and old as well as a rugby ball, you are bound to see plenty of smiles on faces.”

When asked how the beach rugby rules work, the former 7s star explains “There are squads of 10 players, 5 players on the field at all times with rolling subs. One special rule is, when you are defending in the oppositions half you have to defend with 4 in the front line and a sweeper, this is to create space and make the supporting players flood through to help finish off the sweeper.”

The Beach Rugby Series Finals day on 10 September is not to be missed, with lots of giveaways and a great after party hosted by Café Caprice.

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