Andre Watson: Ref not to blame for UCT loss

Stephen Nell on reports – SA rugby referee’s boss Andre Watson rules in favour of match ref Veldsman after UCT complaint.

Cape Town – Refereeing errors did not cost UCT victory in Monday’s Varsity Cup match against Maties

That was the response from South African rugby’s referees boss, Andre Watson, after he was quizzed about the complaint UCT coach John Dobson lodged about referee Francois Veldsman’s performance.

Dobson was enraged after his side lost 10-12 and believes Veldsman disadvantaged them badly at the breakdowns in the second half.

He sent Watson an e-mail after studying a video of the game three times. “I was not happy with certain decisions at the breakdown, but it went both ways. The referee did not cost UCT the game,” said Watson.

Indeed. Dobson should probably lay the blame for that at the feet of flyhalf Matthew Rosslee, who missed five penalty shots at goal.

Watson had not yet finished studying the game when he was interviewed on Wednesday. He said he would answer Dobson as soon as that was the case.

He agrees with Dobson on certain points, but disagrees on others. Watson, however, said it would serve no purpose to expand on where Veldsman made mistakes.

“Even in games where Jonathan Kaplan is the referee you have mistakes at the breakdown,” he said.

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