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The UCT Rugby Football Club is one of the premier rugby clubs in South Africa.
125 years of proud tradition, the home of "student rugby",  the legendary varsity spirit and the club with the most Springboks. Hundreds of registered players every year speak for itself.

With the advent of the Varsity Cup, UCT managed to attract crowds of close to 20 000 at the 2010  tournament final, producing outstanding results and some of the most exciting rugby seen on TV in recent years. The overwhelming majority of players in the club are or have been students at the University, some well in or on their way to thriving careers – the time they did play at the club is a treasured period and any former and current player will relish in varsity rugby stories – which is why it is not surprising that players and fans alike keep in touch and tabs on developments.

The website is and has been instrumental in providing information and being a lively channel of the club's communication. 

John Dobson ex UCT headcoach and former Director of Primedia online (makers of and labelled it.

"One of the best official sports sites in SA at any level." 

During peak periods, the site has 10 000 individual visitors a month

Page views:
plus 80 000

Target group:
UCT rugby fans, players, old boys and alumni

The website is search engine optimised and  searches such as uct rugby, uctrfc, ikey tigers, ikeys, university of cape town rugby, ikeys vs maties as well as  names of key players etc are top rated and bring visitors straight to the site. On top of that, the site has an extensive archive of  several thousand articles spanning a period of 6 years.

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