A Tiger called Tiger

uctrfc.co.za tackled the elusive Tiger Bax, a new kid in the Blue and White who has already made a mark and promises to be one of the new stars of the Varsity Cup.

uctrfc.co.za: Howsit Tiger! Is it true that you changed your name when you joined the Ikeys?

Tiger: Could be true. No it’s been around for a while,since my younger years.

uctrfc.co.za: How are you enjoying the Ikey Tigers so far? Does anything stand out for you?

Tiger: I’m loving it hey, the teams spirit and vibe is great and the coaching staff and whole organization is awesome!

uctrfc.co.za: What are your Provincial commitments? Will you wear the UCT stripes for a little while longer?

Tiger: I’m honestly not too sure where i stand at the moment with provincial commitments, so  I should be around for bit longer.

uctrfc.co.za: Well done on Monday vs TUT – how was it playing center? Seems like you didn’t mind it, scoring a man of the match award.

Tiger: Yes, I enjoyed it, I’ve played quite a bit of centre before at school and used to think i was a centre so enjoyed a chance there.

uctrfc.co.za: It showed, I am sure the TUT boys would agree.  What was your best moment of the away trip?

Tiger:No doubt, Danger (hooker Dayne Jans) living the dream in his spiderman outfit in the airport,amazing.

uctrfc.co.za: There can only be one! Are you looking forward to a huge crowd on Monday on the Green Mile? Any message to the Blue and White faithful?

Tiger: Ya im really looking forward to it hey,should be great! See you all there!